When projects are converted from VS 2003 to VS 2005, component classes are not automatically split out to have the new designer partial classes (e.g. MyForm.cs and MyForm.Designer.cs).

So, I thought I'd throw together a Visual Studio macro that takes care of this for me...  Note: The macro expects the code view for the class to split to be the active VS document.


The Test Container for User Control Libraries in Visual Studio 2005 is awesome!  However, I noticed that when Visual Studio 2003 class library projects are converted up to 2005, they do not automatically get this debugging functionality when they contain user controls.

After digging around in the VS program files directory I came across the Windows Control Library project template.  It can be found at Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates\CSharp\Windows\1033\WindowsControlLibrary.zip.


James Nies

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